Cockburn Auto Electrical Services can carry out all servicing and repairs
to all modern cars including electrics and engine diagnostics.

Car Servicing Falkirk

Your car is a complex piece of machinery; for it to work at its maximum efficiency, your car requires a regular service. When you come to sell your vehicle on, you may find you can a squeeze a little bit out of the sale if you have a full, comprehensive service record.

The harsh fact is, if you don’t service your car properly or regularly, then its life decreases and you may find frustrating and annoying breakdowns become more common. You may save yourself a few pounds by not having you car serviced, but you’ll probably end up spending more on repairs.

Some cars require special techniques as cars are becoming more and more sophisticated. For example, the fuel injector in a car offers better fuel efficiency and a smooth response from the engine. As part of your service, you could have your fuel injector serviced; if you don’t, it can become dirty so fuel economy decreases. Taking your car to a reputable car servicing centre like Cockburn Auto Electrics will minimise any potential problems. You can be confident that there will be several benefits to have your car regularly serviced.

Other areas of your vehicle we look at…

When was last time you checked your power steering fluid for example? This fluid lubricates various components of the engine that react to pressure; it reduces pressure which impacts on power – assisted steering. If this fluid becomes low, you may find your steering becomes heavy.

And your air conditioning – when did you last have this cleaned? If you do use your air conditioning, you may find that there is an increased possibility that your car engine may develop more faults. A clogged, inefficient air conditioning system places extra strain on the system, therefore it doesn’t operate to its maximum efficiency.

Servicing your car means increased fuel efficiency, safety and comfort, By taking time (and money) to look after your car, you’ll find it performs better and doesn’t malfunction too often (hopefully!). Look after your car and it’ll look after you.