Car Repairs & Vehicle Repairs

Cockburn Auto Electrical Services can carry out all servicing and repairs
to all modern cars including electrics and engine diagnostics.

Car Repairs Falkirk

We all depend so much on our cars. They make our lives so much easier; they save us time, with no waiting for a bus. They are also convenient for quick trips to the supermarket, dropping the kids off at various activities and clubs as well as transporting us to work. It’s understandable then that there is never a right time for your car not start or malfunction.

Here at Cockburn Auto Electrical Services, we understand, which is why we offer;

• Quick diagnosis of the problem

• A full estimate before we start the work

• Fast, efficient repair of your car

There are all manner of things that could go wrong with your car and you need to make sure you get the best repair service.

Cars are far more sophisticated than ever before.

In the last twenty or thirty years, car manufacturers have started to use computer technology in car engines to make them, amongst other things, more fuel efficient as well as satisfy increasing demands from the car-owning public. One side-effect of this for car owners is that the days of ‘do-it-yourself’ car repairs are long gone; and most people don’t have the time either. With the latest equipment and highly trained mechanics, Fastlane Motors is the place to bring your car for repair – no matter what the problem.

Ask us if you need help with technical problems – we are here to help!

Quite often people are worried about enquiring about technical matters as they think they will be blinded with technical and scientific jargon. We will explain to you clearly what the problem is, what parts (if any) need replacing and how much all this will cost. If you do want a more technical explanation we are happy to provide that too.

We are proud of our reputation for providing quick, efficient car repair service at competitive prices