MOT Services

Cockburn Auto Electrical Services can carry out all servicing and repairs
to all modern cars including electrics and engine diagnostics.

If your car is more than 3 years old, it will need an annual ‘Ministry of Transport’ test (MOT) to check that your vehicle is roadworthy. You also need a current MOT certificate to be able to tax your car.

Even if you don’t know much about cars there are a few basic things you could do before you bring it to us here at fastlane Motors for an MOT. Work your way through our checklist;

Turn on your ignition and do these simple checks:
• Is your horn is working?
•Are the windscreen wipers and washers working? Top up your washer bottle with screenwash or replace split wiper blades (this is very easy to do, simply click off the ole ones and click the new ones in place)
• Are all your lights working? Check the brake lights, number plate lights, side lights, indicators etc.
• Do the seatbelts work properly?


The tyres on your vehicle have legal standards that they need to meet. You can quickly and easily check for the following (if in doubt, simple ask us and we’ll advise you accordingly);
• Check for damages, bulges or objects wedge in the tyre track
• What about the tread? – if the tyres are worn on one side, this may suggest that they need re-aligning and the tyre will need replacing
• Are the tyres legal? If the tread is at least 1.6mm deep then the tyres are legal; anything below this will need replacing.

We check your tyres carefully and we’ll advice you of their current legal status and when they may need replacing.


You know the braking ‘feel’ of your own car but if you think the brakes feel spongy it may mean they need some work. Also, if the handbrake goes through many ‘clicks’ when you park your vehicle, this may also need adjusting.

Windscreen and mirrors

•Small stone chips are passable but large cracks will mean that your car fails its MOT. We always advise getting small chips fixed sooner rather than later as they can suddenly crack (due to weather or stress).
• Your side mirrors should also be in good condition. We can supply you with new mirrors if needed